Pipe damage in apartment

Pipe damage in apartment

Mostly, a pipe is damaged when the drainage system of that specific unit is facing some blockage, leakage in pipes, and water heating system which drains-off in the sewer line. But the concern here is, if you ever face this problem then how'll react and make efforts to resolve the issue. If you've got no idea then worry not, we're here to help.

5-step process to tackle apartment burst pipes


Locate the source

The foremost step is to locate the source of leakage and flooding right down in your apartment, if possible, try to pin point the exact source. Most likely, if the leakage is under the wash basin then quickly cut-off the water supply beneath the basin. This will prevent further leakage that might have been caused a big issue.


You'll surely not like your belongings to get fully immersed in water. So, it’s better to pack it up or cover them by polythene wraps. Make sure that electronic items are far away from the water and cut the electronic power supply when feel necessary.

Inform the apartment staff and other residents

In a panic situation like this, the first thing after protecting your stuffs is to inform the staff and discuss the possible interventions. If the situation is severe then inform the other tenants so that they can secure their items without actually suffering.

Search for other residences

If the damage to the pipe line is really severe then it's possible that the fixing might take several days. For instance, if the problem is with the main sewer line then experts of sewer pipe cleaning in denver are more likely to get involved and it usually takes some hours or days depending on the criticality of the situation.

Calling an expert

You should immediately call an expert sewer company if the situation is out of control. The sewer specialists will use advanced techniques like sewer pipe relining to locate and remove the issue permanently.

Who is to be blamed

It is also prominent to identify, who is responsible for the repair. If the problem is due to the ignorance attitude of the tenant then the entire payment is to be done by him/her. If the pipeline is left unmaintained for a long-term then it is clearly carelessness of the apartment staff. These type of damages and leakages are usually repaired by pipe bursting sewer repair which is a permanent solution to the problem but the maintenance should be done on a regular basis.